22 Jan

Dear Children.....

Do Not Be Dismayed with what is happening in America.  I am still in charge!  Attempts to place me on the shelf are illicit.  No man, no political party, no government, no might nation, no debauchery known as 'Media", no power assigned to any SINister minister will ever overcome the power of Holiness!   What these ignorant, confused, selfish people are attempting to do to the only nation I have ever truly blessed (other than my own loved people who are just as confused and sinful as ever), for you must know that the moment those fine forefathers signed the most sacred governmental documents (totally inspired by myself, donchaknow),  It wasn't for some miscreant "DaddyWarBucks" to play around with.  May I quote the basic truth from my Bible?  It has been shared over-and-over right here under the shadow of Kyle Field.  It can be found in the Old Testament book of second Chronicles.  In chapter seven, beginning with verse fourteen: "If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and forgive their sins and heal their land.  My children, continue to do just that for the sake of those who are 'not' my children.  It breaks my heart to witness just how far from the path of righteousness you all have strayed.  I shall not me mocked!  I sent Jesus Christ to straighten this whole mess out since totally wiping sinners from the face of the earth.  He is coming again for the last time and all of humanity outside my family, will be burned to a crisp.  You who continue to do my will, will never suffer anything negative again.  But, for those who disbelieve, well....flame resistantant apparel will be of no use whatsoever, and that's FOREVER!!  Continue to disciple and share my love.  Love those who are lost beyond hope and Do As I Have Commanded!  Whatever comes down the pike will be easy for you if you remain in Me.  For I AM.  They aren't.


(I do not wish to convey that I have the least knowledge of the mind of God, other than what he shares in scripture.  As I am burdened for my precious nation, a peace suddenly engulfed me and this letter comes to mind. If you are as burdened as I, then it's time we do as God would have us to do.  We must defend what, as believers, we know to be the right thing. Pray to our Holy Father without ceasing.  Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk so that 'they' may see our good words and glorify our Father in heaven.  And that's what I get from My Box of Chocolates right here in my corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field.


James G Austin '69

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