24 Jan

Can You Imagine.....???

What today's media could have done to King David?  He was certainly not the people's choice and even after killing a giant and gathering a special force of experienced warriors, he was constantly in danger from his own family.  Then, to top all that off, he has a brave soldier killed just so he can have the soldier's wife for his own. Like all of us, David was blessed with special gifts intended only in service that would glorify God.  He failed, just as we all fail.  He paid the price for sin, just as we all do.  He suffered the disrespect of his own family, even to attempts on his life, and he persevered.  I do not wish to make Donald J Trump the perfect man, but just as the Bible says, "David was a man after God's own heart" and I am comfortable  in considering the same for my favorite President.  When you get real close to doing Gos's will in life, the SINister minister gets busy. Everywhere you look, you find hatred and maliciousness, even when doing the right thing for us all.  I have one word for all of you who "hated" Donald J Trump and only wanted to see him fail.  You think you won after the 2020 election?  IF God placed that man in that office (the Bible says that to be the case),  then all of you who sat in judgement and celebrated a travesty, will be subject to worse than any defeat at the polls. the present political enviornment is another indication of the immortality of my nation.  I consider our present day journalism totally bright "YELLOW".  The Truth is not it them.I will never consider Donald J Trump to be anything other than a blessing, good for the entire nation. Even those who so abused and accused. You don't mess with God's chosen.  Never!  And that's what I get from My Box of Chocolates right here in my corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field. 


James G Austin '69

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