04 Nov

"Life Letters"

There will be a Final Judgement for all of us.    A Holy God will have every second of our entire life memorized and we will stand accused of each fault.  Everyone sins constantly, unconsciously.  That's how we are made.  We will stand guilty of 'original sin' committed by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.  Tradgically, most of us will be without legal defence.  Not one of us stands there sinless, Not one!  There has been only one human being, who has lived on earth, who lived a totally sinless life.  He was not born of man.  He was born of a woman who was a virgin.  He didn't have an earthly father.  He was "spoken'' into conception, spiritually, by God.  He was 'God-in-Man' and He was (and is) perfect. We are imperfect creatures whose ancestors were created of clay, intended to live forever in fellowship with God.  Their mistake was to violate God's Law and they paid a sever consequence.  Their mistake then has become our mistake and that's the part we refuse to accept.  We who live a good life of honesty and report, believe that to be good enough, but our "Life Letters", our daily walk falls short of heavenly reward. 

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