For over 80 years I've been absolutely astonished at what a deep East Texas boy can do by leaving it all up to God.  I have been too anointed to be disappointed and too blessed to be depressed.  I have walked through doors of opportunity without fear of failure. I have failed, but it didn't dampen my spirit.  I have been called conceited and some may have thought me arrogant, but I truly was not afraid to try, and if given the opportunity, to continue to improve.  I now believe that I was gifted with a vast supply of assurance.  Once I met Jesus Christ it was Blessed Assurance.  I began a career in radio by sitting down and going 'live' on a nightly good music format at a station in the Panhandle of Texas.  At that time, I was teaching choral music in the local public school. I had always been curious about broadcasting and  so I took my lunch break at the school and walked a short distance to the local radio station to simply apply for week-ends, I was hired and was told that they would call whenever there was time to train me. It didn't happen that way.  The very afternoon I had applied,  I was asked to  'try' covering for the night man who had up and quit that day.  it came easy, but not so smooth that first night.  It got better and I worked there up until summer when I drove to Amarillo and applied for summer substitution for the on-air personalities at KFDA. Twelve weeks later one of the full-time staff didn't return so I got his gig and was thrilled. The only problem was that he worked Monday through Friday and  then again on Sunday afternoon.  KFDA studios included both radio and television.  It was during one of those Sunday afternoons that the talent that was to do a one minute commercial during an NFL game,  was in a fender-bender and couldn't make it on time to do the spot. (KFDA studios were located eight miles outside of the city) I had just begun a longplay album by Montavani when the director of TV came yelling down the corridor for "someone who can read!"  He looked in my control room and signaled for me to come out.  He said, "Put a long-playing record on and come with me".  I went with him.  I happened to have a golf shirt on with shorts and we found a jacket and clip-on tie. He game me a legal size page with a bunch of writing. I asked, "How long do I have?"  "About 10 minutes, and don't worry about all that written just memorize Davis Tire and the phone number.  You stand in front of the Goodyear sign and I will not shoot you waste down.  The cameraman will point and you look at the little red light. Say something until he gives you a circle sign. When he closes his hand, shut-up!" I got through the minute throuogh the minute and have no idea what I said.  I got back to radio and thought, "Austin, you are simply nuts"!  Not long after that, the director again appeared at my control room window giving me the "you've got a call sign".  I answered and was greeted by, "Who the Hell are You!"  I told him and said, "Who are you?"  "I'm the owner of Davis Tire Company and I like the way you so my spots.  I want you to be my spokesman from now on". I thanked him and not only did I get talent from Davis, but picked up others.  I then spent spare time learning to operate camera. I worked full time in radio and weekends running camera in TV for a year.  Offers in radio provided hours of creativity for over 50-years in radio and professional theatre, coast to coast.  Now after all those great memories, I reside, once again, in the house we purchased in Bryan, Texas, back in 1953.  Home to stay, under the shadow of Kyle Field.